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Lisa Beats Up Suzie

Oh, poor Suzie! She never seems to find an opponent she can defeat in a boxing match. Even the sweet and adorable Lisa! As you know, Suzie is our fictional female fighter who is always played by you in a point of view role. This allows you to see exactly what it’s like when a female jobber is destroyed by one of our spectacular FWR Superstars! And Lisa doesn’t let you down as she taunts and teases the poor little Suzie while punching her all around the ring. Suzie gets knocked down several time and finally put to sleep by Lisa’s boxing gloves. And the final victory pose is something you NEED to see ;) If you like our Suzie series of videos we strongly suggest that you don’t miss this one!

Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 01Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 02Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 03Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 04Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 05Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 06Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 07Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 08Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 09Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 10Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 11Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 12Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 13Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 14Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 15Lisa Beats Up Suzie - 16

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