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Let's Wrestle: Part Two

Peyton finally released Becca from the painful surfboard hold but immediately kneeled down over her head to apply an interesting neck stretch.

"Does this hurt? You wanted to wrestle me but I don't think you gave it much thought! I'm tougher and smarter than you when there isn't a script to follow."

Becca struggled to escape but it was useless. The brunette finally rolled to her side and extended her long legs to squeeze poor Becca's head between her thighs. Becca winced in pain as the muscles in Peyton's legs cut into her neck.

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Peyton continued the onslaught of fast paced moves by releasing Becca from the scissor hold and pulling her up to her knees to apply a dragon sleeper!

Becca struggled to escape but the pressure around her neck soon took its toll and the blond slipped into unconsciousness.

Peyton laid her down on the mat and walked over to the corner to wait until the blond woke up.

When Becca woke up Peyton said, "Ready for more, sweetheart?"

Becca said nothing but you could see the frustration and determination in her eyes as she rose to her feet. The girls circled like cats and finally locked up in the center of the ring.

Becca was obviously not prepared to let the brunette get the better of her and used her weight advantage to force Peyton back into a corner.

She brought her bare foot up and shoved it into the brunette's throat! Peyton gagged and struggled to push the foot off her but it was useless. She found it difficult to breath and her legs became weak as she sunk down in the corner.

Becca continued to apply pressure with her foot choke and actually seemed to enjoy seeing Peyton look desperately into her eyes when she was unable to breath!

"I've got you now, girl!" she said as poor Peyton came very close to being choked unconscious.

But the blond wanted to enjoy hurting her opponent and pulled her foot away only to grab a handful of hair, pulling Peyton into a front head scissor.

"What do you think of my wrestling holds, sweetie? I could knock you out whenever I want but I'm having too much fun." she said as she looked into the eyes of her trapped adversary.

Poor Peyton was helpless. In this position there was no escape. But when she thought she was going to tap out Becca switched her position to add a figure four head scissor squeeze!

The blond made it even more painful when she rolled over to sit on top of Peyton! The force of her body weight and the locked thighs around Peyton's neck quickly knocked the brunette out.

Becca released the unconscious beauty and enjoyed her handiwork.