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Let's Wrestle: Part Three

After knocking Peyton out with her intense scissor hold, Becca tapped her face to wake her up.

"Time for more wrestling fun, sweetheart!" she said, as a disoriented Peyton looked up at her.

The blond moved down to Peyton's feet and applied a figure four leg lock as Peyton began to struggle, knowing what was about to happen. Poor Peyton screamed in pain as her legs were twisted around Becca's.

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She tried desperately to free herself from the hold and managed to roll both of their bodies over so that the pressure she was experiencing in her legs was transferred to the blond.

Becca had no option but to tap out!

Peyton went right back to work on her friend by getting her onto her back and sitting down on her head! A quick three count gave Peyton another win but that wasn't all she planned on doing to the blond.

"You wanted this fight so I'm going to make sure you remember it for a long time. Especially the part where I destroy you!" Peyton said as she dragged Becca to the center of the ring.

She trapped Becca's bare feet in an ankle lock, pushing hard into the hold. Becca screamed out in pain as the brunette moved her positions to slowly increase the pressure.

"Please! Please! I'm sorry! I won't try to fight you anymore!" Becca screamed.

Peyton then pulled up HARD on her opponent's legs to put on maximum pressure! Becca screamed louder than we've ever heard her scream!

She slapped the mat over and over again in submission until Peyton finally released her.

"Now it's time to enjoy myself … at your expense!" said Peyton as she did several victory poses over the sobbing blond.

She ended the match by pulling Becca's head up by the hair, forcing her to look at her muscle pose. "Don't ever jump me again!" she said as she left the ring.

Becca stayed there for awhile as she tried to relieve the pain in her legs. We think she'll think twice about messing with Peyton in the future!