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Let's Wrestle: Part One

A few weeks ago Becca and Peyton were preparing for a video shoot by stretching on the carpet and as they talked we thought we'd pull out the camera and take some behind the scenes photos.

Their conversation turned toward the question of who they thought would be scripted as the winner of the video wrestling match when Becca joked about being stronger than Peyton.

Suddenly a playful struggle began as Becca shoved her friend to the carpet and began trying to hold her shoulders down. Becca was giggling but Peyton, for some reason, looked upset. The brunette rolled free from the pin and said to a surprised Becca, "You always have to turn everything into a competition, don't you? I'm sick of acting out these roles where I'm the poor defeated little girl. You want to wrestle? THEN LET'S WRESTLE!!"

We continued snapping photos and kept our distance as Peyton grabbed Becca by her blond hair and yanked her up and into a painful abdominal stretch! "This is what happens when you mess with me!"

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Becca screamed in pain and frantically slapped Peyton's thigh in submission. "I quit! I quit! Let me go!"

She crumpled to the carpet and rubbed the soreness out of her back muscles. As she did so, Peyton walked over and climbed into the ring. "Get in here … unless you're afraid to find out that I'm tougher than you."

At first Becca was unsure about wrestling Peyton in a real match but as she got to her feet it was obvious that she was quickly changing her mind.

She walked over to the edge of the ring and threw a hard punch into Peyton's belly that forced the brunette back into the ring and onto her butt.

As Peyton gasped for air, Becca climbed into the ring and applied a painful camel clutch that had the girl groaning in agony.

"Not so tough now, are you?" taunted Becca. "You obviously don't know who you're messing with so I'm going to have to show you!"

Peyton tried to fight out of the hold but was finally forced to tap out on Becca's leg. The blond released her and strutted over to a corner of the ring.

No words were said. It was obvious to both beauties that this match was just beginning. One girl would leave the ring as the winner and one girl would be left lying in pain and humiliation … unable to continue.

Peyton rose from the mat, walked over to the opposite corner, and turned to face the blond. They wasted little time and came together in a test of strength.

Peyton suddenly kicked Becca square in the belly causing her to double over in pain. Without skipping a beat, Peyton went behind Becca and yanked her arms back in a nasty surfboard hold!

The brunette didn't let up on the hold and Becca was soon forced to go to her knees, crying out in pain the entire time.

With a final shove, Peyton had Becca flat on her belly where the pain was intensified. Poor Becca screamed out in pain as Peyton yanked up on her arms and shoved her body weight down onto Becca!