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Let's Rassle

Two beauties, Kasey and her friend Valentina, got together for our camera to have a wrestling match in their living room.

The girls faced off without really knowing what to do. Kasey's been in lots of our videos and photos but Valentina was totally new to this. It appeared as though this would be a friendly match as both fems had little smiles on their faces. When they finally came to grips we were actually surprised at the fast sequence of escapes and armlocks that the girls were doing on each other. This wasn't going to be a little slap & tickle fight ... these girls seemed to know their moves!

What started out as a friendly exchange of wrestling grips suddenly turned into a painful lesson in wrestling for Kasey. Valentina twisted her arm over and over again, bringing cries of pain from the auburn haired girl. Valentina was now in control and went to work on her cute wrestling opponent!

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