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Let's Box: Part One

I know what everyone's been saying about me ... "Becca's soft. Becca's easy to beat. Becca's fun to beat up." Well, I decided to prove that I'm as tough as the next girl so I asked the producer of FWR to match me up with someone my size for a little boxing match. They found this chick named Leelu and the next thing I knew, I was in my corner waiting for the bell!

She didn't look so tough. Even with that orange hair!  I had to keep from laughing as we squared off. Our gloves came up and the fight was on!

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We circled, feeling each other out. I decided to make the first move and started punching out with my right ... then suddenly felt leather smash into my cheek! WOW! She was fast! I didn't even see it coming.

I was a little stunned but managed to keep my guard up. But I could tell that it was obvious that I was a bit worried now.  Suddenly, that glove came flying out at me again! I was helpless as the red leather smacked me in the cheek and spun my head to the side! 

She could obviously tell she had me on my toes because she danced around a little then plowed an uppercut into my chin. That was all it took ... my legs buckled and down I went! 

This was extremely humiliating! 

I came here to prove that I'm tough and the next thing I know, I'm flat on my butt with stars in my head! But it wasn't over yet! The humiliation had just started. Leelu knelt down in front of me and started popping me in the face with short jabs! I was so stunned from the uppercut that I didn't even have the sense to run away! It was like I was trapped there, taking punch after punch!

I tried to open my eyes to avoid the punches but Leelu was throwing them so quickly that I couldn't! The hits weren't extremely hard but I could definitely feel them. I felt so helpless as the girl totally dominated me with her red boxing gloves!

She finally gave me a punch that sent me down.

The strangest things go through your mind when you're being humiliated like I was. Laying there on my side, I realized that I was in a bikini! One that I had specifically chosen because I looked great in it! But at this point I felt rather naked in it. Totally exposed to what ever punches Leelu wanted to hit me with!

She took her time admiring her work, looking at me as I lay on the canvas. She probably didn't know it but I started coming back to my senses. I was still weak when she pulled me to my feet, but I felt a like I had recovered a bit.

I was placed in the corner and remember thinking about all the skin I was showing in that stupid bikini as her gloves started pummeling my belly!

During her little belly punch-fest I realized something! The punches weren't that hard! I guess my abs were stronger than I thought. The punches stung a bit but they didn't knock the breath out of me! I took the time to get my senses back and started looking for an opening.

It was pretty obvious what Leelu's plans were when she led me to the center of the ring and positioned me for the knockout punch. I played it up real good, pretending to be too weak to even stand up straight!