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Lead Lifeguard

This custom wrestling video has something different that we think you’ll enjoy. Becca and Madison are rival lifeguards who decide to meet in private and fight for the lead lifeguard position. The swimsuit clad beauties are equally matched as they apply various wrestling holds to each other including head locks, a hammer lock, a breast smother, a bearhug, a body scissors, and a 10 count cross body pin. What makes this video different is that Becca and Madison spend much of the match in a tight embrace, rolling and struggling on the mat. One beauty is on top then the other. It’s a body to body battle as they fight for the dominant positions. Legs are interlocked, kicking, trying to trap the other girl as the battle rages on. In the end, one sexy lifeguard gets the pin, does her victory pose, then plants herself on the loser in a dominant school girl pin!  

Lead Lifeguard - 01Click here for our video teaser!Lead Lifeguard - 01Lead Lifeguard - 02Lead Lifeguard - 03Lead Lifeguard - 04Lead Lifeguard - 05Lead Lifeguard - 06Lead Lifeguard - 07Lead Lifeguard - 08Lead Lifeguard - 09Lead Lifeguard - 10Lead Lifeguard - 11Lead Lifeguard - 12Lead Lifeguard - 13Lead Lifeguard - 14Lead Lifeguard - 15Lead Lifeguard - 16Lead Lifeguard - 17Lead Lifeguard - 18Lead Lifeguard - 19Lead Lifeguard - 20

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