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Last Girl in the Ring: Part One

Three beauties, Sasha, Carrie, and Becca enter the ring for a "Last Girl in the Ring" match. The rules are simple … the girls wrestle against each other until only one is left in the ring. To be disqualified, a girl must be thrown over the top rope and her feet MUST touch the floor.

We won't spend time describing all the action because the photos speak for themselves, but in this episode Carrie and Sasha team up on Becca to start things off. Becca escapes and takes down her two opponents, then throws Carrie over the top rope. But Carrie manages to hang onto the ropes and keep her feet off the ground! Carrie then attacks Sasha and Carrie until Sasha turns the tables on Carrie! The action is intense!!

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Enjoy the first segment of this awesome match!