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KO'ed Karate Queen

You’re a burglar who sneaks into Peyton’s dojo and spies on her as she finishes her training, towels off, strips off her karate pants and lays down to rest. You sneak up and choke her then slam her head into the wall, watching her eyes roll as she slides down to lay unconscious. The fun continues as you search the locker room and Peyton shows up to tell you she’s a black belt in kara…. and you punch her out before she finishes her sentence! The comedic knockouts continue and Peyton keeps trying to attack you only to get knocked out over and over again with an emphasis on her beautiful fluttering eyes! You choke her with your foot, pound her with a pillow, make her punch herself in the face, choke her out on the ropes, then watch as she gets on her knees and begs you to finish her off. You grab her black belt and choke her one final time leaving the brunette beauty lying face down and butt up! Enjoy!!

KO'ed Karate Queen - 01Click here for our video teaser!KO'ed Karate Queen - 01KO'ed Karate Queen - 02KO'ed Karate Queen - 03KO'ed Karate Queen - 04KO'ed Karate Queen - 05KO'ed Karate Queen - 06KO'ed Karate Queen - 07KO'ed Karate Queen - 08KO'ed Karate Queen - 09KO'ed Karate Queen - 10KO'ed Karate Queen - 11KO'ed Karate Queen - 12KO'ed Karate Queen - 13KO'ed Karate Queen - 14KO'ed Karate Queen - 15KO'ed Karate Queen - 16

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