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Knockout Boxers IV

(Filmed on 1/24/2017) Two young beauties, Becca and Peyton, are dressed in sports bras, tiny bikini bottoms, and boxing gloves and stand in the corners of the ring. It's a known fact that they're very competitive and LOVE to fight each other whenever the chance arises! They're each given a mouthpiece for protection and the rules are explained. If a girl is knocked down she gets a 5 count to rise. The girl with the most knockouts in 15 minutes is declared the winner. The fight goes back and forth with each boxer slamming their gloves into their opponents face and belly. This match is brutal and contains several knockdowns and intense knockouts! The boxing gloves fly as they hit each other with all they have, going back and forth with each girl knocking each other out over and over again. Sometimes they get hit so hard that the mouthpieces fly or fall out of their mouths. As an added attraction the girls do a sexy foot on face victory pose when they win a round! Don't miss this awesome boxing match!

Knockout Boxers IV - 01Click here for our video teaser!Knockout Boxers IV - 01Knockout Boxers IV - 02Knockout Boxers IV - 03Knockout Boxers IV - 04Knockout Boxers IV - 05Knockout Boxers IV - 06Knockout Boxers IV - 07Knockout Boxers IV - 08Knockout Boxers IV - 09Knockout Boxers IV - 10Knockout Boxers IV - 11Knockout Boxers IV - 12Knockout Boxers IV - 13Knockout Boxers IV - 14Knockout Boxers IV - 15Knockout Boxers IV - 16Knockout Boxers IV - 17Knockout Boxers IV - 18Knockout Boxers IV - 19Knockout Boxers IV - 20

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