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Kelsi's Shot at the Title

All the fems wanted a shot at Vanessa's championship belt, but none more than Kelsi. She's been with FWR longer than any of our current fems so we figured "what the heck"? We brought the two together and had Nikki come in as the impartial referee. Vanessa, in true trash-talking form, quickly overpowers our fav jobber-girl and proceeds to beat the stuffing outta her! Using lots of illegal tactics, ignoring the warnings of the sexy ref, and causing major pain to Kelsi, Vanessa finally traps the girl in a sleeperhold. Angry that the referee didn't award her the victory, Vanessa turns on her!!

We won't give away the ending of this great custom match because, well, we want you to buy it! :)

Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 01Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 02Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 03Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 04Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 05Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 06Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 07Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 08Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 09Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 10Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 11Kelsi's Shot at the Title - 12

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