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Kelsi's Payback

We here at Fem Wrestling Rooms like to think that you, our beloved fans, like the fact that our matches are different than the majority of sites out there. With this in mind, we were pleased to receive a custom request that asked for Kelsi to WIN a match!! And to make it even better, Kelsi wins against the much larger and stronger Kristie Etzold! But for those of you that are diehard "Kelsi gets beaten up" fans, the beginning half of this great video has Kelsi getting her fair share of eye-rolling knockouts. In fact, Kristie is so bored with knocking out Kelsi that she lets her guard down .... and that's when Kelsi ATTACKS!

*Our vintage videos were filmed at a lower quality during the early years of FWR and are now being offered at a discount.

Kelsi's Payback - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kelsi's Payback - 01Kelsi's Payback - 02Kelsi's Payback - 03Kelsi's Payback - 04Kelsi's Payback - 05Kelsi's Payback - 06Kelsi's Payback - 07Kelsi's Payback - 08

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