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Kat challenges Ryan

In their last ring encounter, Kat cheated by throwing some punches out of desperation to try and win the match but Ryan still managed to win with a punishing Indian Deathlock. When Ryan recently visited again, Kat was quick to ask for a rematch and the two beauties met in the ring. Kat, still trying to cheat for an early win, uses the sash from her ring robe to choke Ryan! Kat dives on Ryan for a quick pin but Ryan pushes out at the last second and proceeds to DESTROY our beautiful kitty Kat with belly blows and claws, a crucifix scissor, full nelson, standing inverted head scissor, an anaconda vice, a belly to belly hammerlock, and finally a very creative Lyra Lock! Although Kat submits throughout the punishment Ryan ceremoniously pins her with one hand then forces Kat to stand and raise her hand in victory! Ryan leaves victorious once again and Kat crumbles onto the mat in humiliation and pain. Kat will never learn!

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