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Karate Ninja Trials

This fun custom uses the popular “sentry” style but with a little twist. Ziva and Mewchii are ninjas and take turns knocking each other out with plenty of eye rolling, tongue out ko’s. One girl stands guard in front of the curtain while the second girl sneaks in to knock her out. You’ll see neck chops, neck snaps, black belt chokes, foot pressure points, temple drills, blow gun knockout darts to the neck, fake sword stabs, neck pressure points, and chopsticks temple drills. To finish this fun (and fake!) sentry video we find Ziva and Mewchii sitting cross-legged facing each other. Ziva tells her younger sister that their master has ordered her to “finish” Mewchii off so Ziva dies a double pressure point to the sides of Mewchii’s neck. Her eyes roll up, her tongue pops out, and Ziva bows to her to finish this fun video.

Karate Ninja Trials - 01Click here for our video teaser!Karate Ninja Trials - 01Karate Ninja Trials - 02Karate Ninja Trials - 03Karate Ninja Trials - 04Karate Ninja Trials - 05Karate Ninja Trials - 06Karate Ninja Trials - 07Karate Ninja Trials - 08Karate Ninja Trials - 09Karate Ninja Trials - 10Karate Ninja Trials - 11Karate Ninja Trials - 12Karate Ninja Trials - 13Karate Ninja Trials - 14Karate Ninja Trials - 15Karate Ninja Trials - 16

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