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Kaitlynn Needs to Fight

We join Lisa and Mackenzi in the ring having a fun sparring match when Kaitlynn enters, obviously upset after a rough day at work. Kaitlynn strips from her yoga pants and top then interrupts the boxing cuties in the ring. “Where’s the boxing equipment and the speedbags?” she asks. The girls inform her that it’s being cleaned so Kaitlynn steps in the ring and decides to use the blonds as her punching bags. The girls laugh and before they know it Kaitlynn bops Mackenzi on the head to cause her eyes to roll and the birdies to sing! The brunette turns her attention on Lisa and ends up knocking her out too! This creative custom goes on for 25 minutes with tons of punches, knockouts, limp play, eye crossing goofiness, double teaming knockouts, and TONS of creative speedbag facials! Poor Mackenzi and Lisa spend nearly all the time in a groggy daze as the cute Kaitlynn works out her aggressions from a bad day at work! In the end we find both blonds laying side by side with “Kaitlynn’s Special Speed Bag Hags” written on their bellies in lipstick. Don’t miss this fun video!

Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 01Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 02Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 03Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 04Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 05Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 06Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 07Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 08Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 09Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 10Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 11Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 12Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 13Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 14Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 15Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 16Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 17Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 18Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 19Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 20Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 21Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 22Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 23Kaitlynn Needs to Fight - 24

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