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We're proud to introduce Paige and Paris, two new beauties who have never wrestled but were more than happy to go at it for our camera! After the introductions, Paige jumped Paris when her back was turned and applied a knockout sleeper! She then woke the busty beauty up with a tight headscissors followed by a grapevine pin and a schoolgirl pin that finally brought a submission. But her mistake was turning her back on Paris, who wasn't defeated enough to prevent her from jumping Paige and knocking her out with a sleeper! The dark haired woman put Paige in the same holds to weaken her and finally .... yes, we allowed it ... got a wild submission with a ... wait for it! .... a breast smother!! 

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Jumped! - 01Click here for our video teaser!Jumped! - 01Jumped! - 02Jumped! - 03Jumped! - 04Jumped! - 05Jumped! - 06Jumped! - 07Jumped! - 08Jumped! - 09Jumped! - 10Jumped! - 11Jumped! - 12Jumped! - 13Jumped! - 14Jumped! - 15Jumped! - 16

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