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Jenny's KO Match

(Filmed 5/17/2015) In Jenny's final custom video she greets her biggest fan, Frank, promising to defeat her opponent in an anything goes, most knockouts championship match. When she gets to the ring a masked female sneaks up behind her and bops her on the head with a blackjack! For the remainder of the match, poor Jenny continues to get beaten and knocked out by the mysterious beauty who we find out is actually Becca! Our towering giantess gets pummeled on the ropes, knocked out by an uppercut, put in a painful belly claw, ko'ed by mounted punches, judo chopped, camel clutched, scissored, and smacked in the face by the championship belt that she'll never have the pleasure of owning. Poor Jenny!

Jenny's KO Match - 01Click here for our video teaser!Jenny's KO Match - 01Jenny's KO Match - 02Jenny's KO Match - 03Jenny's KO Match - 04Jenny's KO Match - 05Jenny's KO Match - 06Jenny's KO Match - 07Jenny's KO Match - 08Jenny's KO Match - 09Jenny's KO Match - 10Jenny's KO Match - 11Jenny's KO Match - 12Jenny's KO Match - 13Jenny's KO Match - 14Jenny's KO Match - 15Jenny's KO Match - 16Jenny's KO Match - 17Jenny's KO Match - 18Jenny's KO Match - 19Jenny's KO Match - 20

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