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Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson

Kyoko will be leaving FWR in a few short months to return to her homeland so we're looking for new fems to take over for her. A new girl, Jasmine, wanted to give wrestling a try so we brought in our Asian cutie to help train her. We're not sure if Kyoko resented Jasmine's possible recruitment but things didn't go too well for the new blond gal. Kyoko proceeded to "demonstrate" several knockout holds and painful wrestling maneuvers that had poor Jasmine wondering if she'd go home in an ambulance! Kyoko even resorted to putting on a pair of boxing gloves and punching the blond girl out!

* Editor's note: Unfortunately Jasmine has decided not to continue wrestling for Fem Wrestling Rooms. We'd like to hype this video by saying that Kyoko beat her up for real, but actually it was just Jasmine's decision. But, heck, you can pretend can't you? :)
Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 01Click here for our video teaser!Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 01Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 02Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 03Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 04Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 05Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 06Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 07Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 08Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 09Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 10Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 11Jasmine's Wrestling Lesson - 12

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