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Jab Fest VII

(Filmed 3/19/2017) Ok, bear with us here … The storyline of our "Jab Fest" series comes from the writer of these custom scripts. It's changed over the years because some of the key characters no longer work with us so it's been adapted to hopefully work. Here's a short synopsis: There's an alliance of tough girls who have plans to create one special champion in the FWR boxing league. This installment of the series begins with Becca being lured into an empty ring only to get sucker punched and knocked out. When she wakes up she finds herself handcuffed in the corner! In the opposite corner is a nervous Jessica who informs Becca that she knocked her out so that she could subdue her and not get attacked. Jessica tells Becca about the alliance and that there's a surprise leader of the group …. Peyton! Peyton finally enters and sets up a boxing match between Becca and Jessica with herself as the "referee" (who also happens to wear boxing gloves, lol). Anyway, we don't need to tell you the entire storyline. Just sit back and enjoy some hard hitting boxing beauties as Becca jabs Jessica, Peyton jabs Jessica, Becca and Peyton jab each other, and everyone has a ton of face pounding fun … except poor Jessica who doesn't really get to throw any punches. ENJOY!!!

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