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I'm Honey's Jobber

When Lo mocks and laughs at little Honey because of her size Honey confidently tells her that  she loves knocking out bigger girls. Lo challenges her to an arm wrestling match and is stunned when Honey wins! The frustrated Lo challenges Honey to a belly punch contest and is once again dropped by a HARD punch! Then the fun begins! Honey completely dominates Lo with a bear hug ko, a straight head scissor to a figure four head scissor ko, a body scissor ko, a corner scissor hold ko, a single leg head scissor ko, a body scissor/sleeper ko, a reverse head scissor ko, and a face down figure four head scissor. Each knockout is followed by plenty of sexy pins with an emphasis of Honey placing her bare feet on Lo’s face. In the end, Lo is forced to admit that she’s Honey’s jobber and is ko’ed one final time. Sweet Honey finalizes her dominance by writing “I’m Honey’s Jobber” on the sleeping giant’s belly. Don’t miss this excellent custom video!

I'm Honey's Jobber - 01Click here for our video teaser!I'm Honey's Jobber - 01I'm Honey's Jobber - 02I'm Honey's Jobber - 03I'm Honey's Jobber - 04I'm Honey's Jobber - 05I'm Honey's Jobber - 06I'm Honey's Jobber - 07I'm Honey's Jobber - 08I'm Honey's Jobber - 09I'm Honey's Jobber - 10I'm Honey's Jobber - 11I'm Honey's Jobber - 12I'm Honey's Jobber - 13I'm Honey's Jobber - 14I'm Honey's Jobber - 15I'm Honey's Jobber - 16I'm Honey's Jobber - 17I'm Honey's Jobber - 18I'm Honey's Jobber - 19I'm Honey's Jobber - 20

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