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I Have Victims

Lisa was enjoying some private meditation when Tommie blasted into the studio arguing with another girl on the phone who hasn’t shown up for their match. A calm Lisa asks her what’s wrong and ends up being challenged by the brunette to enter the ring. Soon the match begins and it’s a back and forth event with Tommie starting out cocky, teasing and toying with Lisa but when she turns her back on the blond, Lisa jumps into action. The match is filled with corner action, pro-style holds, and some illegal tactics. Tommie throws punches to Lisa’s jaw and gets her to the mat for a knee choke then some head smashes to the turnbuckle. But Lisa blocks one move and Tommie is caught in the ropes for a painful chin pull. Lisa finally manages to weaken Tommie with intense knee strikes to her belly then drops her to the mat for an extremely tight reverse head scissor that brings this match to a submission ending. Lisa plants her boot on Tommie and takes her victory pose then leaves the sobbing and shocked beauty in the ring. 

I Have Victims - 01Click here for our video teaser!I Have Victims - 01I Have Victims - 02I Have Victims - 03I Have Victims - 04I Have Victims - 05I Have Victims - 06I Have Victims - 07I Have Victims - 08I Have Victims - 09I Have Victims - 10I Have Victims - 11I Have Victims - 12I Have Victims - 13I Have Victims - 14I Have Victims - 15I Have Victims - 16I Have Victims - 17I Have Victims - 18I Have Victims - 19I Have Victims - 20

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