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Becca, Peyton, and Kat are three time traveling babes trapped in a prehistoric nightmare!  Their ship has crashed next to a hungry dinosaur, and with no way to flee the trio turn on each other and come to blows.  Becca, the leader, prepares to dispense some heavy-handed discipline on her insubordinate crew…but Peyton and Kat have other plans!  They double-team the blonde beauty, battering her toned abs and executing a series of vicious submission holds.  Becca finally succumbs to a volley of deep belly punches while elevated on the corner turnbuckle.  As Peyton and Kat bask in their victory, a TIME-LOOP hurls the women five minutes into the past, moments before their battle began!  Becca springs into action, neutralizing Peyton and hypnotizing Kat into obedience.  With the aid of her new partner, Becca targets Peyton’s midsection with punches, kicks, and knees.  Peyton howls through a camel clutch, then moans as she’s thrust belly-first onto the ropes.  A head / belly claw combo softens her up for the coup de grace: a leaping fist drop to the gut that leaves Peyton completely deflated.  Becca rewards Kat’s loyalty with a dragon sleeper KO but before she can celebrate … ANOTHER TIME-LOOP!  A familiar scene plays out, only this time Kat is on the receiving end of a two-on-one beatdown at the hands of Becca and a hypnotized Peyton.  Brutalized from pillar to post, Kat’s belly is mauled by punches, kicks, and claws while her ribs are crushed in a double scissor hold and double bearhug.  In the end, Peyton and Kat are both forced against the wall where their poor tummies are sadistically dismantled by their leader, culminating in a double belly blow KO.  Our video ends as the hull of the time machine is breached by the scaly talons of the dinosaur, grasping for Becca as she shrieks like an actress in a 50’s horror classic!  This epic video is loaded with action, slow-motion replays, and special effects courtesy of our three beautiful actresses and Sway Pike, a VERY talented custom video author and FWR super-fan with amazing VFX skills!!

Hypercrash - 01Click here for our video teaser!Hypercrash - 01Hypercrash - 02Hypercrash - 03Hypercrash - 04Hypercrash - 05Hypercrash - 06Hypercrash - 07Hypercrash - 08Hypercrash - 09Hypercrash - 10Hypercrash - 11Hypercrash - 12Hypercrash - 13Hypercrash - 14Hypercrash - 15Hypercrash - 16Hypercrash - 17Hypercrash - 18Hypercrash - 19Hypercrash - 20Hypercrash - 21Hypercrash - 22Hypercrash - 23Hypercrash - 24Hypercrash - 25Hypercrash - 26Hypercrash - 27Hypercrash - 28Hypercrash - 29Hypercrash - 30Hypercrash - 31Hypercrash - 32

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