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Honey's KO Fun

We fade in on a smiling Honey holding an unconscious Amber in a combo body scissors and sleeper. She taunts the girl about being so easy to ko over and over again. Luna enters, shocked at what she sees, then enters the ring. She checks amber’s eyes to find her ko’ed as Honey explains that she jumped Amber in the ring and knocked her out several times. Luna tells Honey that Amber was supposed to be her opponent so an excited Honey says she’ll wrestle Luna in Amber’s place. Luna declines and begins to exit the ring when Honey jumps her and the fun begins! Luna is knocked out again and again by the diminutive blond. At times, Honey checks on Amber but the poor girl had been through so much, she barely responds. There’s so many knockouts. limp play, trash talk, and silly reactions that we don’t have room to tell the entire story. We encourage you to purchase this video to see what happens!

Honey's KO Fun - 01Click here for our video teaser!Honey's KO Fun - 01Honey's KO Fun - 02Honey's KO Fun - 03Honey's KO Fun - 04Honey's KO Fun - 05Honey's KO Fun - 06Honey's KO Fun - 07Honey's KO Fun - 08Honey's KO Fun - 09Honey's KO Fun - 10Honey's KO Fun - 11Honey's KO Fun - 12Honey's KO Fun - 13Honey's KO Fun - 14Honey's KO Fun - 15Honey's KO Fun - 16Honey's KO Fun - 17Honey's KO Fun - 18Honey's KO Fun - 19Honey's KO Fun - 20Honey's KO Fun - 21Honey's KO Fun - 22Honey's KO Fun - 23Honey's KO Fun - 24

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