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Hollywood's Humiliation

(Filmed 4/27/2017) The rules are simple, Hollywood and Charlie wrestle in a time limit match with the girl scoring the most submissions or knockouts being the winner. When you look at the contrasts in the fighters you would think that little rookie Charlie wouldn't stand a chance against the tall experienced Hollywood. But NO! Little Charlie is on her game in this match and constantly over powers Hollywood gaining submission after submission! Hollywood gets increasingly frustrated and even tries to leave the ring at one point only to end up back on the mat! Charlie uses hammerlocks, snap mares, leglocks, surfboards, a camel clutch, several head scissors, schoolgirl pins, a headlock, an arm bar to each arm, and plenty of humiliating taunting. To add insult to injury, the loser of each round is forced to announce the score! In the end, Charlie is declared the winner and is interviewed while sitting on Hollywood! You'll love this match!

Hollywood's Humiliation - 01Click here for our video teaser!Hollywood's Humiliation - 01Hollywood's Humiliation - 02Hollywood's Humiliation - 03Hollywood's Humiliation - 04Hollywood's Humiliation - 05Hollywood's Humiliation - 06Hollywood's Humiliation - 07Hollywood's Humiliation - 08Hollywood's Humiliation - 09Hollywood's Humiliation - 10Hollywood's Humiliation - 11Hollywood's Humiliation - 12Hollywood's Humiliation - 13Hollywood's Humiliation - 14Hollywood's Humiliation - 15Hollywood's Humiliation - 16Hollywood's Humiliation - 17Hollywood's Humiliation - 18Hollywood's Humiliation - 19Hollywood's Humiliation - 20Hollywood's Humiliation - 21Hollywood's Humiliation - 22Hollywood's Humiliation - 23Hollywood's Humiliation - 24

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