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Helplessly Dominated

This creative custom video stems from the customer’s enjoyment of seeing two wrestlers being dominated in matching holds by two tougher opponents with the dominated beauties reaching out to touch and grab one another as they writhe in pain. So we brought in Peyton and Becca to be the jobbers and Madison and Renee to be the heels. The video opens as Becca enters the studio to find her friend being slammed into an over the knee back breaker by Madison. Becca runs into the ring to help Peyton and in grabbed by Renee and placed into a matching hold. The remainder of the match features Madison and Renee placing Becca and Peyton in matching bow and arrows, snap mares, figure four leglocks, leg splits with claw holds, torture racks, knee in back surfboards, boston crabs, camel clutches, and side reverse head scissors. In the end, The Becca is forced to one knee while Peyton is laid over Becca in an agonizing back breaker! Poor Peyton and Becca are finally finished off with a double dragon sleeper knockout. You’ll LOVE this video!

Helplessly Dominated - 01Click here for our video teaser!Helplessly Dominated - 01Helplessly Dominated - 02Helplessly Dominated - 03Helplessly Dominated - 04Helplessly Dominated - 05Helplessly Dominated - 06Helplessly Dominated - 07Helplessly Dominated - 08Helplessly Dominated - 09Helplessly Dominated - 10Helplessly Dominated - 11Helplessly Dominated - 12Helplessly Dominated - 13Helplessly Dominated - 14Helplessly Dominated - 15Helplessly Dominated - 16Helplessly Dominated - 17Helplessly Dominated - 18Helplessly Dominated - 19Helplessly Dominated - 20

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