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Haley Beats You Up

Have you ever fantasized about wrestling one of the FWR girls? Do you imagine what it would be like to meet Haley in the wrestling ring? Well, this is your lucky day! The long-haired beauty climbs in the ring and trash talks you a bit then you lock up with her. You easily force her back into a corner then toss her across the ring. You run at her to smash your body into hers but the nimble beauty jumps to the side and you smash into the turnbuckles! Haley quickly takes control and destroys you with her sneaker chokes, body splashes you, stretches you out with an arm pull and arm bar, stomps you, knees you in the crotch, and pounds your face with mounted punches. A tight reverse head scissor finishes you off as this gorgeous woman poses over you in victory. Don’t miss this video!

Haley Beats You Up - 01Click here for our video teaser!Haley Beats You Up - 01Haley Beats You Up - 02Haley Beats You Up - 03Haley Beats You Up - 04Haley Beats You Up - 05Haley Beats You Up - 06Haley Beats You Up - 07Haley Beats You Up - 08Haley Beats You Up - 09Haley Beats You Up - 10Haley Beats You Up - 11Haley Beats You Up - 12Haley Beats You Up - 13Haley Beats You Up - 14Haley Beats You Up - 15Haley Beats You Up - 16Haley Beats You Up - 17Haley Beats You Up - 18Haley Beats You Up - 19Haley Beats You Up - 20Haley Beats You Up - 21Haley Beats You Up - 22Haley Beats You Up - 23Haley Beats You Up - 24

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