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Girl Fight: Becca vs LeAnn Part One

They met in a wrestling ring. Two girls who had a score to settle. Special outfits were of no concern for them … they just wanted to fight. Dressed in jeans shorts and tee shirts they planned on settling a score.

We don't know what led up to this confrontation. Maybe one of the girls said something mean about the other, maybe they were both interested in the same guy, maybe there was an issue based on their equal beauty, or maybe it was a blond versus brunette thing … we'll leave that up to your imagination.

To be honest, this is based on your imagination. Who would you like to see win?  Both girls are beautiful. Both girls are physically fit. Both girls are extremely sexy but with that "girl next door" look.

The fight was personal and after they circled, it moved into a hair pulling catfight. But the catfight quickly turned into a display of intense wrestling holds!

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The photos speak for themselves. This section features a give and take display of pure female aggression with both beauties taking the dominant position.