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FWR Superstar II

Your favorite FWR producer is tired of the way Peyton and Becca have been acting. These two girls have been feuding for weeks so he locked them in the dressing room and forced them to work it out and become friends again. Unfortunately, when he returned to check on them they were both unconscious and stripped to their bras and panties! So, here we go again. The girls continually knock each other out with punches, head smashes into walls and ring posts, nerve pinch knockouts, chokes, temple drills, hits with a blackjack and frying pan, a double tazer ko, and some other silly prop ko’s. The eyes are rolling, the tongues stick out, there’s a little twitching, and plenty of unusual body piles. You definitely don’t want to miss seeing this video!!

FWR Superstar II - 01Click here for our video teaser!FWR Superstar II - 01FWR Superstar II - 02FWR Superstar II - 03FWR Superstar II - 04FWR Superstar II - 05FWR Superstar II - 06FWR Superstar II - 07FWR Superstar II - 08FWR Superstar II - 09FWR Superstar II - 10FWR Superstar II - 11FWR Superstar II - 12FWR Superstar II - 13FWR Superstar II - 14FWR Superstar II - 15FWR Superstar II - 16FWR Superstar II - 17FWR Superstar II - 18FWR Superstar II - 19FWR Superstar II - 20

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