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Forced to Wrestle: Part Two

As I lay there not knowing what to do, the tough blond lifted my head and positioned me in a really odd hold. My neck was trapped in one of her legs as she looked down on me.

Right as I started to panic from the inability to breath, she released me and threw me over onto my belly.

My leg was grabbed and pulled back at a really uncomfortable angle! The blond seemed to enjoy looking at my face as I cried out in pain! 

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She then pushed one ankle into my knee and pulled back again on my other leg. The pain was incredible! But for some reason I also realized that my skirt had slid up and my panties were showing! I don't know why I cared about that when I was in so much pain but I guess the humiliation added to my horrible experience!

The girl moved quickly and, while still trapping my legs, grabbed two handfuls of my long hair and pulled back! This was going to have to end soon because I honestly didn't know if I could deal with this punishment much longer.

And like throughout this match, she seemed to be reading my mind and released the leg lock and pulled me up by my hair. She led me over to the ropes and wrapped my hair around the ropes! Now I REALLY knew what it felt like to be helpless! I couldn't move a muscle without causing myself horrible pain!

And the worst thing was hearing the girl laugh at me! She was enjoying my situation as she moved outside the ring, keeping my hair trapped around the ropes. I continued to scream in pain, wishing this would end soon!

After yanking down really hard on my hair, she let go and slid me over to the center of the ropes, then put her hands around my head. She pulled me down, bending the ropes, and said, "I hope you're having fun, cupcake! Here ... I'll help you back into the ring."

She suddenly let go of me and the ropes shot me back into the ring. I landed HARD on my butt and curled up into a ball in pain!

I was so weak at this point that I just laid there, unable to move, as she put me on my back and slammed her leg onto my throat several times! I was really jolted by the hits and also by the bouncing of the ring every time she landed on me.

I felt her hands grab my hair and roll me over. Then she helped me up to my feet but I was so out of it that I couldn't even lift my arms. I just wanted this to end, not really caring how she finished me off.

The girl suddenly grabbed me around the waist and turned me upside down. I had no idea what was going to happen ... until she dropped to her knees!

A jolt of pain flew through my entire body and that's all I remember.

I could sense some movement as I lay unconscious, kind of like a dream. There was some pressure on my body and my leg was lifted up. I could also faintly hear someone counting to 10.

I knew she was doing some victory poses over me, but I just wanted to sleep. I even felt her put her boot on my face at one point. I just let the sleepiness overtake me at that point and don't even remember how I ended up outside the ring when I woke up.

There was an envelope full of money next to me with a little thank you note. There was no one there so I gathered my clothes and managed to stumble back to my car.