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Forced to Wrestle: Part One

I really needed money! My rent was due, I lost my job, and my boyfriend left me! I was one step from becoming homeless so I was desperate. That's when some guy came up to me as I was sitting on a park bench crying. Well, to make a long story short, he told me that he could help me out financially ... if I agreed to do a little special "show" for him.

After explaining that it had nothing to do with prostitution and that it would pay $1000 I decided to go along with it and see what he had planned. He gave me an address and said to meet him there the next day. Well, like I said, I was desperate. Anyway, I figured that if it turned out to be something dangerous I could always run away. Yeah .... I was that desperate .... and obviously stupid!

I showed up at the address the next day and he met me at the door. In his hand was a bag. "Here, go to the back room and put this on."

When I opened the bag I saw a little skirt and top. Ok, I thought, this guy wants a little dress-up fun. That didn't seem too bad, especially for a thousand bucks! So off I went to change.

I came back in the outfit (a bit smaller fitting than I was comfortable with) and he said "Follow me." We went out into his back yard and walked over to another building.

When I went in I was totally shocked! There was a big wrestling ring in the middle of the room!

"I - I- I'm not sure about this ... " I said nervously.

"You agreed to do a little "show" for me. A wrestling show!" he grinned. "Get in the ring and I'll go get your opponent."

"What?" I said. "I can't wrestle!"

"Oh! That's even better!!" he said as he started walking toward a back room. "Now get in the ring or you don't get paid!"

I honestly didn't know what to do! I could run away but then I would be back in the same situation, crying my eyes out at the park. And anyway, what's so hard about a little wrestling? I'm sure no one's going to hurt me, right?

So I got into the ring and stood in a corner. I admit that I felt rather stupid wearing that little schoolgirl outfit ... and a little naked! I just hoped the top would stay on!

At that point the back room door opened and the guy came out and took a seat by the ring. Behind him came a tough looking blond, dressed in black leather. I suddenly realized that I wasn't going to like this at ALL!!!

She came in the ring and got right down to business, moving to the center and striking a wrestling pose. I looked out at the guy and was about to ask him what I was supposed to do when suddenly I was yanked off the ropes by my hair!

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"C'mon little girl! This is gonna be fun!", the blond said as she dragged me across the ring.

She turned me around and slammed a knee into my belly. I gasped for air and immediately fell to my knees holding my aching tummy! The blond girl then pulled me roughly back to my feet and wrapped her arm around my head. I felt so embarrassed as she walked me around the ring taunting me and calling me her wrestling plaything! Even if I could have pushed free I still wouldn't know what to do to fight back.

Finally, she walked me back to the corner and slammed my head into the red pad. I was pretty groggy after that but before I knew what was happening, she hooked her arms around my head and flipped me to the mat! Have you ever felt so helpless? I was like a ragdoll to this tough blond!

I don't even know exactly what she did to me next, other than put me through a bunch of uncomfortable wrestling holds! My arms were yanked back, my shoulders were yanked up, and my head was squeezed between her legs. Every one of the odd holds caused me to cry out in pain, but it was the humiliation of being totally helpless that really hurt! I felt like I was tiny compared to the girl who was having her way with me! She laughed and mocked me as she worked me over.

When she finally released me from between her thighs she immediately kneeled over my head and began to choke me! I kicked my feet and gagged, gasping for any little breath that I could get.

Just as I was about to really panic from not being able to breath, she let go and hauled me back to my feet .... only to lift me upside down and SLAM me back to the mat!!

And again, the choking began ... this time with her boot! I've never seen someone who was so evil! I was able to look up at her as I gagged. She smiled and said, "Darling, I'm so glad my trainer found someone for me to practice on! You're really cute, too! I kind of hate hurting you .... well, not really! HA HA HA HA!!!"

Her evil laughter stopped suddenly and she yanked me to my feet. My hair felt like it was going to be ripped out of my head!

As soon as I was on my feet I found myself air born and laying on the girl wrestler's shoulders! "You're so light!" she said. "How does it feel to be so weak? I could hold you here all day listening to you moan. But I've still got some fun for you!"

Suddenly I was being spun around in the air! I screamed for her to stop but she just seemed to spin faster! I could feel my long hair flying out from the force of the spin and I begged her to stop, which she finally did. She dropped me to the mat and I lay there trying to get my head to stop spinning!