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Flips, Spins, & Pins

This amazing video follows the style of our popular Slams, Spins, & Pins matches and features Persephone vs Charlie. The match begins with a best 4 out of 7 falls Indian leg wrestling match followed by a best 4 out of 7 falls pins-only wrestling match. The winner of each round has her hand raised by the loser. You’ll enjoy plenty of head locks, side head scissors, corner belly punching, pin escapes, a little catfighting, hammerlocks, single leg head scissors, camel clutches, step-over toe holds, a body scissor/full nelson combo, and of course TONS of snap mares, airplane spins, and cross-body pins. After losing to Persephone, Charlie protests only to find herself in a back-breaking Boston crab hold where she’s forced to scream her full submission. Don’t miss this one!

Flips, Spins, & Pins - 01Click here for our video teaser!Flips, Spins, & Pins - 01Flips, Spins, & Pins - 02Flips, Spins, & Pins - 03Flips, Spins, & Pins - 04Flips, Spins, & Pins - 05Flips, Spins, & Pins - 06Flips, Spins, & Pins - 07Flips, Spins, & Pins - 08Flips, Spins, & Pins - 09Flips, Spins, & Pins - 10Flips, Spins, & Pins - 11Flips, Spins, & Pins - 12Flips, Spins, & Pins - 13Flips, Spins, & Pins - 14Flips, Spins, & Pins - 15Flips, Spins, & Pins - 16Flips, Spins, & Pins - 17Flips, Spins, & Pins - 18Flips, Spins, & Pins - 19Flips, Spins, & Pins - 20

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