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Fisticuff Fems

This custom video features Sensational Slugger Stevie vs Jaw-Buster Jackie in a great fist fight. With a flair of the bygone days of bare-knuckle boxing, these cuties wear shorts and waist sashes and use an old-fashioned style of holding their fists in front of them. But that’s were the old-fashioned stuff ends because when the fists fly the chins jerk! The rules are simple, if a fem is dropped by a punch she must rise before a count of 10. If she makes the count we reset and begin a new round. If she’s unable to make the count then she loses the match. This brawl is filled with crossed eye reactions, tongues popping out, plenty of face and belly punches, some hair-pulling, lots of trash-talk, and five huge rounds of action. The exhausted fighters even spill out of the ring to go at it on the carpet and against the wall. This match ends with a spectacular knockout, however, the winner is so tired that she passes out next to the beaten loser. Enjoy!

Fisticuff Fems - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fisticuff Fems - 01Fisticuff Fems - 02Fisticuff Fems - 03Fisticuff Fems - 04Fisticuff Fems - 05Fisticuff Fems - 06Fisticuff Fems - 07Fisticuff Fems - 08Fisticuff Fems - 09Fisticuff Fems - 10Fisticuff Fems - 11Fisticuff Fems - 12Fisticuff Fems - 13Fisticuff Fems - 14Fisticuff Fems - 15Fisticuff Fems - 16Fisticuff Fems - 17Fisticuff Fems - 18Fisticuff Fems - 19Fisticuff Fems - 20Fisticuff Fems - 21Fisticuff Fems - 22Fisticuff Fems - 23Fisticuff Fems - 24

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