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Fighting Tracy

Our video opens with Tracy discussing the fact that she's unbeaten in mixed fighting and now that she's returned from a long haitus she's ready to send a message that she's tougher than ever. You join her in the ring and she proceeds to box you silly with her power and trash-talk. You don't stand a chance and soon get knocked down by a powerful uppercut. Not able to rise before the 10 count, you're an easy target for Tracy as she picks you up, removes her gloves, lets her hair down, and punches you out with her bare fists! Cut to fight #2 where Tracy is waiting on the couch dressed in another bikini and high heels. She proceeds to kick and punch you, knocking you down several times until she wraps her legs around you for a choking headscissors! Still not content, our beauty sits on you and punches you out with mounted punches then takes photos of your defeated body!

Fighting Tracy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fighting Tracy - 01Fighting Tracy - 02Fighting Tracy - 03Fighting Tracy - 04Fighting Tracy - 05Fighting Tracy - 06Fighting Tracy - 07Fighting Tracy - 08Fighting Tracy - 09Fighting Tracy - 10Fighting Tracy - 11Fighting Tracy - 12Fighting Tracy - 13Fighting Tracy - 14Fighting Tracy - 15Fighting Tracy - 16

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