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Fighting Tani

With the excitement of getting an FWR contract and a 10K bonus Tani prepares for her first mixed fighting match against YOU! Tani, dressed in a sexy bootie shorts outfit, gets punched out by you for the first minute or so but ends up kicking you between the legs to gain the advantage. The redheaded beauty uses her punches and kicks to wear you down until you end up on the carpet, knocked out. She puts her high heel on you and poses victoriously then cuts a promo with the cameraman about how much fun it was beating you up. But to win the match she is informed that she needs to check your arm 3 times and kneels down beside you. You somehow manage to wake up so Tani sits on you and punches you out with mounted punches! She finally knocks you out for good and wins the match. Tani then gets her contract and signs it while sitting on you then does some hot victory poses over you. Enjoy!

Fighting Tani - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fighting Tani - 01Fighting Tani - 02Fighting Tani - 03Fighting Tani - 04Fighting Tani - 05Fighting Tani - 06Fighting Tani - 07Fighting Tani - 08Fighting Tani - 09Fighting Tani - 10Fighting Tani - 11Fighting Tani - 12Fighting Tani - 13Fighting Tani - 14Fighting Tani - 15Fighting Tani - 16

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