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Fighting Over Teddy

This fun custom video features Ziva as a sexy magician, her sister Mewchii as a conjured doll, and Kat as a hot voodoo gal. Ziva and Kat have trapped Teddy in the ring and interrogate him about where he’s hiding his flashdrive of info. He’s also been cheating on Ziva with a mysterious short girl with hairy legs! But after some trickery and voodoo, Teddy points to Ziva as his mistress (which is only a ploy). An angry Ziva conjures her assistance, Mewchii, who appears as a doll. Pushing the gem on her forehead activates her and a fight begins between Mewchii and Ziva vs Kat. After Kat disables Mewchii, Teddy reaches out to give Kat and Ziva a magical touch causing them to go into a “slow motion moonwalk style technique”. The girls get very silly as they stumble around the ring trying to fight in slow motion and end up outside the ring. Teddy tricks Ziva into a top hat ko punch (hard to explain, lol) then knocks Kat out with a karate chop. The two girls end up sleeping and snoring on the couch as Teddy plays with their bare feet. He also enlists the Mewchii doll to help. We finish this fun video with the revelation that Teddy is dating our own FWR mascot, Daisy (see the final photo below!) Enjoy!  

Fighting Over Teddy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fighting Over Teddy - 01Fighting Over Teddy - 02Fighting Over Teddy - 03Fighting Over Teddy - 04Fighting Over Teddy - 05Fighting Over Teddy - 06Fighting Over Teddy - 07Fighting Over Teddy - 08Fighting Over Teddy - 09Fighting Over Teddy - 10Fighting Over Teddy - 11Fighting Over Teddy - 12Fighting Over Teddy - 13Fighting Over Teddy - 14Fighting Over Teddy - 15Fighting Over Teddy - 16Fighting Over Teddy - 17Fighting Over Teddy - 18Fighting Over Teddy - 19Fighting Over Teddy - 20

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