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Fighting for the Sneakers

Our video fades in on Persephone putting on her knee-high socks and as she reaches for her new sneakers Larz enters the ring. She makes a challenge to fight in a boxing and wrestling match for the sneakers then puts on her thigh-high socks. Although Persephone is concerned about the lack of a referee, she agrees to the fight and begins by punching out Larz then dropping her with an uppercut. Thinking she’s won the match, Persephone is shocked when Larz suddenly rises, give her the evil eye, then proceeds to dominate her with powerful punches. Poor Persephone is pounded mercilessly and dropped in a twitching mess. Larz removes her gloves and goes to town on the girl with a body slam, leg drop, and an arm bar. Persephone submits but that’s not enough for Larz, who gets several more submission with an arm bar, leglock/surfboard combo, single leg boston crab, bow and arrow, side reverse head scissor, and a step over toe-hold. Larz finally grabs a spare sock and ko’s poor Persephone with a mandible claw. Larz wins but realizes that the sneakers are cheap but is pleased to have destroyed little Persephone! Enjoy!

Fighting for the Sneakers - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fighting for the Sneakers - 01Fighting for the Sneakers - 02Fighting for the Sneakers - 03Fighting for the Sneakers - 04Fighting for the Sneakers - 05Fighting for the Sneakers - 06Fighting for the Sneakers - 07Fighting for the Sneakers - 08Fighting for the Sneakers - 09Fighting for the Sneakers - 10Fighting for the Sneakers - 11Fighting for the Sneakers - 12Fighting for the Sneakers - 13Fighting for the Sneakers - 14Fighting for the Sneakers - 15Fighting for the Sneakers - 16Fighting for the Sneakers - 17Fighting for the Sneakers - 18Fighting for the Sneakers - 19Fighting for the Sneakers - 20Fighting for the Sneakers - 21Fighting for the Sneakers - 22Fighting for the Sneakers - 23Fighting for the Sneakers - 24

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