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Fighting Daniela

Daniela arrives for her photo shoot to find you doing some shadow boxing in the ring. She argues that she reserved this space for her modeling gig but you refuse to leave so she suggests you box for it. She leaves to get changed for the match and returns in a tiny bikini! She proceeds to beat the stuffing out of you while mocking you in her European accent. You luckily get saved by the bell in the first two rounds but you finally get knocked out in round three with Daniela giving you 10 mounted punches while counting to ten in her native language. When you finally wake up, you find her relaxing on the couch. You're angry that she beat you so easily and try to attack her! Big mistake! This only makes the beauty stronger as she beats you down with punches, knees, and HUGE kicks to your face with her high heels! Enjoy! 

Fighting Daniela - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fighting Daniela - 01Fighting Daniela - 02Fighting Daniela - 03Fighting Daniela - 04Fighting Daniela - 05Fighting Daniela - 06Fighting Daniela - 07Fighting Daniela - 08Fighting Daniela - 09Fighting Daniela - 10Fighting Daniela - 11Fighting Daniela - 12Fighting Daniela - 13Fighting Daniela - 14Fighting Daniela - 15Fighting Daniela - 16

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