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Feminine Fisticuffs: Part One

*The following story was sent to us many years ago by a loyal fan. We recently found it in our files and Tani and Amber happily agreed to act it out.

It was after hours and the gymnasium was deserted. The two young women, dressed in tiny shorts and sports bras, entered and climbed into the fighting ring. They had serious looks on their faces and were preparing to trade blows until one could no longer continue. 

Amber and Tani grew up together, had sleep-overs as kids, played “tea party” and “Barbies”.  They went through school together and were even roommates in college.  They were both outstanding athletes in swimming and gymnastics and were co-captains of their high school cheerleader squad. 

But now, in their early twenties and seniors in college, the two beauties had let one thing come between them…. a man.  They never saw it coming, never thought they’d ever get angry at one another.  In fact they were so close they could have been sisters!

But here they stood, fists raised, glaring at one another.

They had agreed to a rather unusual type of fight.  Knowing that they were equal in every way, they decided to trade punches to the face, from the side only, one girl at a time until one of them could no longer respond….. then the other girl would be free to punch until the other one dropped.

They agreed upon wearing padded MMA gloves to protect their knuckles and offer a little bit of cushioning to the punches but for the penalty punches the winning girl would deliver the blows bare fisted. 

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