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Fantasy Submissions

If you love submissions, girls who have costume and wrestling fantasies, and wrestling role play then you’ll love this creative custom! Becca and Renee are two girls who are meeting for the first time to fulfill their wrestling fantasies. They’ve been online friends for a long time, playing around by doing cyber wrestling matches where they describe to each other what would happen in a match between them. But now they get the chance to actually do it! They also both admit that they love the fantasy of being dominated with figure four leg locks and being forced to submit and tap out. The match consists of only a few holds (figure four leglocks, Boston crabs, a stretch muffler, and an Indian deathlock) but the vision of these two beauties role playing in the wrestling ring while wearing their super tight thong leotards, shiny tights, kneepads, and boots is enough to make this a great video to add to your collection! Don’t miss it!

Fantasy Submissions - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fantasy Submissions - 01Fantasy Submissions - 02Fantasy Submissions - 03Fantasy Submissions - 04Fantasy Submissions - 05Fantasy Submissions - 06Fantasy Submissions - 07Fantasy Submissions - 08Fantasy Submissions - 09Fantasy Submissions - 10Fantasy Submissions - 11Fantasy Submissions - 12Fantasy Submissions - 13Fantasy Submissions - 14Fantasy Submissions - 15Fantasy Submissions - 16

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