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Eye Crossing Hotties

Kaitlynn and Persephone have agreed to an eye-crossing competition where they use knockout scenarios to see which one of them goes unconscious first. They begin with a double punch to the face that crosses their eyes. They’re dazed and slightly swaying until Persephone finally drops to the mat giving Kaitlynn the early victory. Seven more rounds follow that include a double black jack KO, sleepy gas KO, simultaneous karate chop KO, foxy boxing KO, tazer KO, a double foot nerve pinch KO, a double reverse figure four head scissor KO, and a hypnotic trance KO. The final round finds the beauties being told that we need a KO where they see stars and are instructed to run to the edges of the ring to find their hidden weapons. They find star shaped pillows, look at each other with confusion, then charge into a spirited pillow fight! A final double smack in the head with the pillows causes each girl to see stars and drop unconscious. Don’t miss this fun video!

Eye Crossing Hotties - 01Click here for our video teaser!Eye Crossing Hotties - 01Eye Crossing Hotties - 02Eye Crossing Hotties - 03Eye Crossing Hotties - 04Eye Crossing Hotties - 05Eye Crossing Hotties - 06Eye Crossing Hotties - 07Eye Crossing Hotties - 08Eye Crossing Hotties - 09Eye Crossing Hotties - 10Eye Crossing Hotties - 11Eye Crossing Hotties - 12Eye Crossing Hotties - 13Eye Crossing Hotties - 14Eye Crossing Hotties - 15Eye Crossing Hotties - 16Eye Crossing Hotties - 17Eye Crossing Hotties - 18Eye Crossing Hotties - 19Eye Crossing Hotties - 20

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