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Exhausted Fighters

As the opening title page fades into the studio we hear a punch sound as Amber comes flying through the curtain followed by Scarlett. Both beauties are dressed in leotards, fishnets, and high heel boots and have obviously been fighting for a long time. Both girls are panting heavily as their fists go up and the punches fly. They both get equal advantages in the early minutes of the fight but it’s obvious that one beauty is taking more punches and growing weaker. Her sobs and moans from being punched fill the room. The girls end up on the carpet where one unsuccessfully tries to pin the other. They then end up in a double reverse head scissors and a final knee to knee punchout. One girl finally sobs “I give up! Stop hitting me!” A final uppercut and ten count pin ends this contest as the victor is too exhausted to stand over her foe and simply crawls over to the wall to sit recover. Don’t miss this one, folks!

Exhausted Fighters - 01Click here for our video teaser!Exhausted Fighters - 01Exhausted Fighters - 02Exhausted Fighters - 03Exhausted Fighters - 04Exhausted Fighters - 05Exhausted Fighters - 06Exhausted Fighters - 07Exhausted Fighters - 08Exhausted Fighters - 09Exhausted Fighters - 10Exhausted Fighters - 11Exhausted Fighters - 12Exhausted Fighters - 13Exhausted Fighters - 14Exhausted Fighters - 15Exhausted Fighters - 16Exhausted Fighters - 17Exhausted Fighters - 18Exhausted Fighters - 19Exhausted Fighters - 20

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