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Evie Meets Becca

We join Becca stretching in the ring. Evie, a new rookie at FWR, enters in her wrestling gear and gets cocky with Becca, telling her to leave. Becca, tired of all the new rookie girls thinking they run the place, immediately challenges Evie to a fight! But Evie suddenly backs down and starts to leave. Becca returns to her stretches but doesn’t see Evie sneaking into the ring behind her. Evie attacks Becca with corner work and a body slam then goes for a huge body splash that Becca manages to avoid. Becca, still in her workout attire, goes to town on Evie, finally knocking the little brunette out with a sleeper. Becca starts to leave then decides to continue the beating. We enjoy watching Becca strip down to her wrestling gear then DESTROY poor Evie! The beat down is filled with leglocks that weaken the poor girl’s legs to the extent that she can barely stand. But that doesn’t stop Becca as she YANKS the poor girl up by the hair over and over again! We’re sure you’ll love getting to know Evie and we’re pretty sure she’ll want a rematch someday!

Evie Meets Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Evie Meets Becca - 01Evie Meets Becca - 02Evie Meets Becca - 03Evie Meets Becca - 04Evie Meets Becca - 05Evie Meets Becca - 06Evie Meets Becca - 07Evie Meets Becca - 08Evie Meets Becca - 09Evie Meets Becca - 10Evie Meets Becca - 11Evie Meets Becca - 12Evie Meets Becca - 13Evie Meets Becca - 14Evie Meets Becca - 15Evie Meets Becca - 16Evie Meets Becca - 17Evie Meets Becca - 18Evie Meets Becca - 19Evie Meets Becca - 20

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