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Destruction of a Frat Jock

Becca and Peyton are sitting on the couch talking about their upcoming matches with a frat boy that’s on the boxing and wrestling teams.  They’re fighting him for his spot on the team with Becca being the female boxer and Peyton the female wrestler.  They’re both pretty confident they will kick his ass so they decide to make a wager that whoever gets the Frat boy to kiss their feet the most times during their respective matches wins the bet.  They laugh at how funny it will be to embarrass the frat boy jock and the fun begins! Becca starts and you seem confident that this cute blond won’t be standing for long until a brutal uppercut drops you to your knees. Becca pushes your head down to make you kiss her feet then the fight continues. You get in a little offense but in the end you’ve been punched out by the blond beauty and forced to kiss her feet 4 times. Your next match is a wrestling match with Peyton and you attack her as soon as she enters the ring! She’s a little shocked but manages to catch you in a scissor hold then forces you to kiss her foot. The match continues with a little give and take but this sexy brunette is too much for you and in the end you’re pinned and have also been forced to kiss her feet 4 times! The video ends when you’re forced to choose which foot you want to kiss as Becca and Peyton laugh and tease you!

Destruction of a Frat Jock - 01Click here for our video teaser!Destruction of a Frat Jock - 01Destruction of a Frat Jock - 02Destruction of a Frat Jock - 03Destruction of a Frat Jock - 04Destruction of a Frat Jock - 05Destruction of a Frat Jock - 06Destruction of a Frat Jock - 07Destruction of a Frat Jock - 08Destruction of a Frat Jock - 09Destruction of a Frat Jock - 10Destruction of a Frat Jock - 11Destruction of a Frat Jock - 12Destruction of a Frat Jock - 13Destruction of a Frat Jock - 14Destruction of a Frat Jock - 15Destruction of a Frat Jock - 16Destruction of a Frat Jock - 17Destruction of a Frat Jock - 18Destruction of a Frat Jock - 19Destruction of a Frat Jock - 20

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