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Defeated by Spider Becca IV

In her never-ending quest to become the strongest supervillain of all time, Spider Becca returns to engage in a boxing match against the world’s best boxer. You, playing the role of the boxer, don’t realize that this attractive young blond in the tiny white bra and panties is a very dangerous supervillain. She pretends to be a sweet and innocent fan of yours who’s dream it is to box you so you’re happy to oblige. The bell rings for round one and you block and duck all her punches. Then you destroy her with your boxing gloves, eventually knocking her out. But when you go over to check on her, the hot blond comes to life and grasps your wrist! You feel a strange weakness flow over your body as the blond seems to be filling herself with power! Then …. she transforms into the sexy creature known as Spider Becca! She continues stealing your strength with her grip of your wrist and we move into round two. In this round Spider Becca uses her super durability, strength, and speed to destroy you until you’re saved by the bell. Round two has Spider Becca using her psychic and hypnotic powers. Round three shows her teleportation and invisibility powers and round five has her using her time control powers on you. You finally eat the canvas after she uses a punch on you like you did to her in round one and your humiliation and defeat is complete. This EPIC 30 minute video is 1.75 gigabytes but well worth the extra file space! Don’t miss it!

Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 01Click here for our video teaser!Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 01Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 02Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 03Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 04Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 05Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 06Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 07Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 08Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 09Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 10Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 11Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 12Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 13Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 14Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 15Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 16Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 17Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 18Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 19Defeated by Spider Becca IV - 20

Get this 32.5 minute, 1750MB video for only $31.95!

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