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Daisy's Voodoo Trap

Lo dominated Daisy in a fight a while back and now Daisy belongs to Lo. She is her maid, her toy, and occasionally her personal punching bag. Daisy has had enough but knows she is no match for Lo. So Daisy uses a voodoo spell that she found on the internet that will make her stronger. How? Every time Lo strikes Daisy her strength is transferred to her. Once Daisy realizes it works she lays a trap and gets Lo angry enough that she brings her to the studio where she decides to use her as a punching bag. As the fight progresses Daisy gets stronger and Lo grows weaker. Daisy is able to dominate Lo and reverse the roles, turning Lo into Daisy’s servant. This excellent custom video features Daisy’s transformation from a submissive beauty into a dominant and confident fighter … at the expense of poor Lo! Enjoy!

Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 01Click here for our video teaser!Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 01Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 02Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 03Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 04Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 05Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 06Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 07Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 08Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 09Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 10Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 11Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 12Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 13Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 14Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 15Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 16Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 17Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 18Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 19Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 20Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 21Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 22Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 23Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 24Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 25Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 26Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 27Daisy's Voodoo Trap - 28

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