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Daisy's Fight Fetish

Daisy met Madison in the studio recently and, while complimenting her on her strong biceps, admitted that during her school years a girl wanted to fight her but Daisy chickened out and ran away. To this day she’s wondered what it would have felt like to actually get punched. Knowing she can trust Madison to not hurt her too bad, she asks if our resident tough girl would be willing to fulfill her fetish! So … the punches began and Daisy ended up experiencing a little “pleasure and pain” before finally asking Madison to knock her out. This video was put together by Daisy, Madison, and me (your humble producer) simply because Daisy has such a great expression when she’s on the receiving end of punches. It also allowed me (your handsome producer) a chance to play around with new punch angles. The action isn’t fast but it’s a lot of fun watching tough Madison pound on sweet Daisy! And in the end Daisy is knocked out by a hard uppercut and given a passionate kiss on the lips from Madison as she lays unconscious! Enjoy!

Daisy's Fight Fetish - 01Click here for our video teaser!Daisy's Fight Fetish - 01Daisy's Fight Fetish - 02Daisy's Fight Fetish - 03Daisy's Fight Fetish - 04Daisy's Fight Fetish - 05Daisy's Fight Fetish - 06Daisy's Fight Fetish - 07Daisy's Fight Fetish - 08Daisy's Fight Fetish - 09Daisy's Fight Fetish - 10Daisy's Fight Fetish - 11Daisy's Fight Fetish - 12Daisy's Fight Fetish - 13Daisy's Fight Fetish - 14Daisy's Fight Fetish - 15Daisy's Fight Fetish - 16Daisy's Fight Fetish - 17Daisy's Fight Fetish - 18Daisy's Fight Fetish - 19Daisy's Fight Fetish - 20

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