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Crushing a Cheater

We fade in on Lo in the studio waiting for Becca to arrive so they can go over some custom scripts. She gets a text from a friend telling her that Becca’s been seeing her boyfriend and instantly becomes angry. Becca arrives and happily hugs Lo, only to find that Lo’s hug is getting tighter! Lo tells Becca that she knows what’s going on and the beating begins! She tosses Becca on the couch, sits on her chest and pretends to read the scripts while trash-talking the blond beauty. Lo finally drags Becca into the ring and attacks her with a boston crab, camel clutch, figure four head and body scissors, and a ko skull crusher. Between each hold, Lo forces Becca to crawl on her hands and knees around the ring. The fun doesn’t end there though. Lo adds a final tight schoolgirl pin while taking selfies of the destroyed blond. In the end, Lo carries Becca over her shoulder to the dressing room. *Special note: When we filmed the custom video we neglected to have Lo strip Becca for part of the video so we’ve include this as bonus footage. Enjoy!

Crushing a Cheater - 01Click here for our video teaser!Crushing a Cheater - 01Crushing a Cheater - 02Crushing a Cheater - 03Crushing a Cheater - 04Crushing a Cheater - 05Crushing a Cheater - 06Crushing a Cheater - 07Crushing a Cheater - 08Crushing a Cheater - 09Crushing a Cheater - 10Crushing a Cheater - 11Crushing a Cheater - 12Crushing a Cheater - 13Crushing a Cheater - 14Crushing a Cheater - 15Crushing a Cheater - 16Crushing a Cheater - 17Crushing a Cheater - 18Crushing a Cheater - 19Crushing a Cheater - 20

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