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Cheaters Always Win

This fight is a sequel to “Peyton’s Destruction” where Peyton, the nerdy Brainiac in pigtails and glasses, was destroyed by a tough Becca. This episode begins with Peyton complaining about how badly she wants revenge on Becca for her beating. She doesn’t realize that Becca is hiding behind the couch and finds out the hard way … with a heart punch knockout! When Peyton wakes up she calls Becca a cheater and ends up in a short test of ko strength match. The girls do a hand over mouth breathes test, a belly punching test, and a chloroform test. But Becca cheats in all the tests and poor Peyton is left in several knockouts! When the brunette wakes up she demands a fight in the ring … big mistake! Becca destroys the poor girl with face punches, kicks, belly punches, head lock punches, and scissor held punches until Peyton begs for the match to be over. Becca seems to soften and calls for a friendly hug … which ends up in another knockout followed by some bondage style wrestling domination. We could go on and on telling you exactly what poor Peyton goes through but you should probably purchase the video and find out for yourself :)

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