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Carrie Meets Mariah

Your humble, yet lovable, producer recently went to a local professional wrestling show and was lucky enough to find that they had a women's wrestling match on the card! Mariah Moreno was the featured heel and WOW did she do a great job! Needless to say, this website owner was pleased to hear that she wanted to work for us, so I immediately scheduled a match for her against Carrie in our own FWR ring! You might automatically think that I'm CRAZY but I also have a lot of faith in Carrie's pro-style abilities .... well, actually she just looks really cool getting beat up :)

Carrie Meets Mariah - 01Click here for our video teaser!Carrie Meets Mariah - 01Carrie Meets Mariah - 02Carrie Meets Mariah - 03Carrie Meets Mariah - 04Carrie Meets Mariah - 05Carrie Meets Mariah - 06Carrie Meets Mariah - 07Carrie Meets Mariah - 08Carrie Meets Mariah - 09Carrie Meets Mariah - 10

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