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Camel Clutch Challenge X

(Filmed 8/19/2016) We realized that it's been over two years since we had a camel clutch challenge match so when the tough Allie Parker visited recently we HAD to put her up against the equally tough girl, Madison! The rules were simple … the match was a best of three falls contest with the stipulation that the wrestlers can only win a fall with a camel clutch submission. This intense match features plenty of camel clutches, wrestling maneuvers, escapes, and drama as the leotard clad women worked hard to gain the submissions. The wrestlers ended up tied at the end of two rounds but Madison made the mistake of jumping Allie before she was ready for the third round! Not a good idea! Allie managed to shove Madison off her and quickly gained the third and final fall. Madison wasn't happy about the decision and, during Allie's victory pose, called her a bitch! Another bad idea! Allie threw the defeated girl into a final camel clutch then added a tight sleeper hold to knock Madison out for good! If you love the camel clutch hold you'll love this match!

Camel Clutch Challenge X - 01Click here for our video teaser!Camel Clutch Challenge X - 01Camel Clutch Challenge X - 02Camel Clutch Challenge X - 03Camel Clutch Challenge X - 04Camel Clutch Challenge X - 05Camel Clutch Challenge X - 06Camel Clutch Challenge X - 07Camel Clutch Challenge X - 08Camel Clutch Challenge X - 09Camel Clutch Challenge X - 10Camel Clutch Challenge X - 11Camel Clutch Challenge X - 12Camel Clutch Challenge X - 13Camel Clutch Challenge X - 14Camel Clutch Challenge X - 15Camel Clutch Challenge X - 16

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